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Here in Upper Michigan, the temperatures have steadily resided in the single digits. But, it doesn't bother me one bit! I'm warm and toasty as I work on my Red Cabin Studio makeover. It is indeed the perfect weather for my craft room remodel.

Photo of Alex Drawer Units for Craft Room RemodelBirthday and Christmas gifts have added nicely to my studio furniture and accessories. There's plenty of time to spend designing fun vinyl embellishments to add here and there. (I cover that subject more here  on the TEAM KNK blog.)  And I have the luxury of time to organize all the stuff that has been in disarray during my busier times of year.

I confess that I am in love with Ikea, and although it takes me five houIkea Kallax Shelving Unit for Craft Room Remodelrs to get to the nearest store, it's so worth the drive. I've added 3 Alex six-drawer units on casters, and my original KNK Zing and Zing Orbit each sit on one. (Look here to see how I used my "Create Joy" SVG  to fancy up the back of one.) The drawers are just right for organizing odds and ends of heat transfer vinyl by color. And I can roll the units around as needed depending on my current project.

Kallax cube shelving units of various sizes serve a multitude of purposes. My inventory of blank baby bodysuits and flour sack towels are now organized and easily accessed when ready for HTV. Blank Christmas ornaments have found a place as well.



Completed Christmas ornaments are organized by design, contained in divided and zipped glassware organizers, and tucked neatly into a Kallax cube. (Look to the far right of the photo above.) When I need them for a craft show, I simply grab the organizer and take it with me. And finding them to ship to a customer is now a breeze!

Craft Room Remodel Sewing AreaVarious other items are stored in Kallax cubes, including my seldom used craftbooking supplies, fabric in my sewing area, and other miscellaneous items that can now be located more easily. No more searching for supplies; they all have a place since my craft room remodel.

My sewing Photo of Craft Room Remodel Sewing Deskmachine resides on an Alex "computer desk" which is large enough to hold my backup sewing machine if a friend wants to join for a sewing day. Above my sewing machine, are 3 Ikea wooden spice racks; they are inexpensive, simple to put together, and perfect for holding ribbon. And I have rails, hooks, and buckets holding odds and ends within easy reach.

Photo of Ikea Rail and Bucket for Craft Room RemodelMy third Alex drawer unit holds various sewing supplies, and next to this is my layout table. This table is not new. In fact it's old.... very old. It was already very old when my mother and father-in-law purchased it, and it served their family well for many years. It is big and sturdy with two large drawers. Next to this, my heat press sits safe and secure on a butcher block stand that my husband made. The top is a leftover portion of a support bean from our home construction, and he turned the legs on his lathe.

Image of Craft Room Vinyl Weeding Table - Craft Room RemodelMy craft room remodel involved a few other older pieces, including a cut(e little porcelain-topped table (inherited from a special aunt) that serves as my vinyl weeding table, and a sewing chest made for my mom by her brother when she was newly married. (It's to the left of my sewing machine, and you can spot the edge of it in one of the photos above.) My packing and shipping table is to the right of the sewing area and across from my layout table. It was a kitchen island my husband made for a trailer we no longer own, and is the perfect height for me to stand at while I prepare orders for shipping.

Image of Work Desk for Craft Room Remodel - Red Cabin Studio

In addition to the other made-by-Hubby pieces mentioned above, my computer desk/table was made for me by my talented husband as well!  (If you want to see the amazing dollhouse he made for our princesses #1, #2, and #3, go here.)  A used  butcher block countertop rescued from Mom-in-law's kitchen remodel, make's a perfect top for this cute piece. Thanks, Mom!

So that's where I am with the Red Cabin Studio's craft room remodel... so far. I'm sure I will find some things that need improving, but right now, I'm happy as can be with this awesome studio hide away!

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